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  • Versatile and having gradually learned after 5 years the team management and the purposes of technical project management, I acquire continuously a good knowledge of the various issues encountered during the implementation of projects, during differents tasks or services delivery and i find, using technical tools, the way to solve them.
    My professional background has allowed me to work in various sectors where I have managed various technical events and activities, it has allowed me to provide strong technical support to customers, support to teams, teams members and other directions with whose i worked closely.
    The plurality of languages ​​and cultures in the work environment has allowed me to be bilingual on a daily basis.
    Working in full transparency and complementarity with various project teams, departments or directions, also having the advantage of working in complete autonomy, I carried out, in compliance with internal rules and policies, the technical management of projects activities, which allowed a daily increased efficiency of technical tasks for whose I was responsible, on which i gave support and i improved procedures for related activities.
    Force of proposal, I am strongly involved in my professional activities.
    My taste for contact allows me to integrate quickly into groups and work teams, to manage and lead the teams under my responsibility for the challenges we will face.
  • Profession
  • Technical Jobs / Engineers / Architects
    Electronics / Electrical Engineers / Specialist Car
  • Industry
  • Computers / Internet
  • Availability
  • Negotiable
  • Years of experience
  • 5 to 7 years
  • Education
  • Masters / MBA
  • Type of contract
  • Permanent
  • Working time
  • Full Time 100%
  • Salary
  • To be agreed $
  • Travel
  • Flexible
  • Geographical mobility
  • International
Head of Customers Services
August 2020 - Current position (1 year and 1 month)
Alink West Africa - Groupe SANCFIS • Abidjan • Ivory Coast
  • I manage accounts and services of customers with the only target their satisfaction and loyalty, this management include the quality of the service delivery, the experience delivered to them, the implementation, monitoring and control of all the procedures and tools necessary to improve customer satisfaction. I am at the head of a customer relations and technical assistance team with multiple fields of action such as the follow-up of an order or a request, the recording of complaints, the carrying out of satisfaction surveys, incident resolution, problem analysis and solving and i work closely with multiples directions such as the technical, sales, finance and legal.
  • Customers Management Office
  • Implementation and deployment of the "Customer support" and "Customer centric" policies
  • Management of customers returns, disputes and proposed solutions
  • Design of KPIs, analysis of results and implementation of adjustments to deal with deviations
  • Customer interface and success management
  • Optimization of customers support processes and procedures
  • Service optimization
  • Training and coaching of the support team on technical and relational aspects
Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd • Abidjan • Ivory Coast
  • As Technical Support Manager, I was examine all the customer's technical requests in order to identify the necessaries technical operations and activities for the integration of new solutions and then ensure their implementation and delivery. I was managing and ensuring also the efficiency of, technical activities by providing quality technical support to customers during projects, tasks or activities
  • Manage and animate a technical support group with various specialties
  • Analyze the quality of services provided to customers and users
  • Coordinate integration projects
  • Define incident diagnostic procedures
  • Help identify and analyze incidents / malfunctions described by users
  • Set up reporting tools and KPIs
  • Optimize assistance procedures
Technical team leader (Electronic governance and security project)
August 2016 - June 2019 (2 years and 10 months)
Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd • Abidjan • Ivory Coast
  • As a technical team leader, I was oversee all field technical activities of the project. I was managing the efficiency of the technical teams, operations, tasks, solutions elaboration and implementation, network implementation and KPIs, within budget, deadlines and project specifications
  • Supervise all technical activities (implementation and security of the network for example) and evaluate them according to the established objectives
    Design and establish IT systems and policies according to the strategy defined by the project management
    Analyze the needs of the various departments to determine their technical needs
    Purchase of efficient and cost-effective hardware and software
    Supervision of hardware and software to ensure their functionality and efficiency
    Identify the needs for updates, configurations or new systems and inform the project management
    Coordinate and coach engineers and technicians to provide level 1 and 2 technical support
    Control budget and expenses
    Help build supplier relationships and create profitable contracts
    Identify problems and implement strategic solutions on time
    Plan, organize, control and evaluate IT operations
    Act in accordance with user and / or customer needs and system functionality to contribute to organizational policy
  • Management of technical events
  • Analysis and optimization of technical solutions
    Presentation of technical solutions to the customer
    Implementation of technical support development action for the customer
    Supervision of the technical team of the project
    Drafting of technical documents
    Training of system operators on customer's side
  • Information system management
  • Implementation of an internal communication architecture
    Control and monitoring of the performance of the internal information system
  • Network implementation management
  • Planning and monitoring of the implementation work actions of the subcontracting teams
    Management of on-site implementation study and supervision project teams
    Planning and assignment of weekly tasks to study and supervision project teams
    Control and monitoring of compliance with quality assurance procedures and methods
  • Network performance management
  • Implementation of connection diagrams for optical fiber connection points
    Network equipment configuration
    Control and monitoring of network performance with dedicated management software
  • Maintenance management
  • Global analysis of site maintenance reports
    Monitoring and planning of site maintenance actions
    Management of maintenance teams
    Maintenance of network equipment
Huawei Technologies Co, Ltd • Abidjan • Ivory Coast
  • In charge of technical activities on site and customer support during maintenance
  • Technical study on site, design and reporting
    Installation and configuration of network equipment
    Maintenance of network equipment
    Customer maintenance support (on site)
System maintenance engineer intern
June 2015 - November 2015 (5 months)
  • In charge of the automatism of the water demineralization unit, I was ensuring the proper functioning of the components of the automatism of the unit, the execution and updating of management procedures and maintenance
  • Global analysis of the automatism system of the U64 water demineralization unit
  • Analysis result: 57% of the automatism in good working order, 37% of the constituent equipment in abnormal working order, 6% of the damaged equipment
  • Research and proposal for the automatism optimization solution
  • Update of maintenance procedures and automation documents
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance monitoring of U64 automation components
  • Result: 87% of the automatism in good working order, 13% of the equipment damaged
  • System operators training
Intern technician in network administration and maintenance
August 2012 - December 2012 (3 months)
Cocody hospital center • Abidjan • Ivory Coast
  • As a trainee technician in electronic and computer systems, I was ensuring the installation and proper functioning of computer equipment.
  • Computer hardware maintenance
  • Network administration and installation of the WIFI access point.