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  • With an initial training as Electrical Engineer (ETS/HTL) I hold a Swiss General Electrical Installation Authorization (I-06166-1). In the last 21 years I worked in designing, developing and operating Telecom Networks within Thermelec SA and continued with Service Industriels de Genève (SIG) after they acquired Thermelec's Telecom Department in 2002.I'm fluent in both English and French with a good knowledge of German. I'm a natural leader appreciating team work, flexible and open minded.
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Telecom Project Engineer II & NOC Manager
January 2018 - December 2019
Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) • Geneva • Switzerland
  • Project Manager for the renewal and extension of the SIG DWDM telecommunication network between Geneva and Lausanne
  • Project Manager for the PLC communication in the SIG SmartMeter Pilots (10 sites with 930 smartmeters deployed)
  • Participation in the deployment of the SIG LoRa network, proof of concept and selection of a Radio Frequency Spectrum Analyzer
Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) • Geneva • Switzerland
  • Project Manager for the extension of the SDH network, including equipment negociation and acquisition
  • Responsible for defining service certification protocols and testing equipment acquisition (Ethernet, Fibre Channel, SDH and Optical Spectrum Analyzers)
  • Responsible for the design, proof of concept, equipment acquisition and deployment of a network connecting 70 GSM sites with Gigabit connectivity
  • Responsible for negociating and renewing maintenance contract with telecom vendors for equipment and Network Management systems
  • Responsibble for the design and equipment acquisition for dedicated Customer SAN interconnect networks
  • Responsible for Telecom Data Center with UNIX, Linux and Windows servers ant it's transition to virtualization on vSphere:
    • Selection and deployment of several NMS systems
    • Selection and deployment of a Notification system for alerting technical teams by pager or SMS
    • Managment of Data Backup, OS and Software upgrades with validation on our test platform
    • Management of the complete McAfee Endpoint Security for the Telecom team
Services Industriels de Genève (SIG) • Geneva • Switzerland
  • Manager of a team of 5 engineers and technicians
  • Responsible for implementing the Connect Master fiber network managment system for the SIG network
  • Responsible for implementing an internally created site management database with an interface allowing to display dark fiber circuits on the SIG GeoConcept GIS system
  • Selection, configuration and deployment of Castlerock SNMPc server for managing SIG telecom networks, interfacing with NotificationWorks to send only important messages to our support teams
  • Creation of a secure Network Operation Center NOC and software solutions for on the move connection to the NMS systems
Thermelec Télécom SA • Geneva • Switzerland
  • Responsible for the extension and modernization of the Thermelec SDH network
  • Responsible for designing and deploying B2B Carrier Ethernet Solutions
  • Responsible for the creation of the corporate network using Novell file server and windows desktops, including internet access over a switched ISDN router
Diplomed Electrical Engineer
June 1990 - December 2001
Thermelec SA • Geneva • Switzerland
  • Member of the top management commitee
  • Team Manager for the maintenance of the Geneva motorway electromechanical equipment (tunnel lighting and ventilation, traffic supervision and managment systems, 3 datacenters)
  • Telecom Engineering Manager for the creation of the Thermelec regional SDH network at the opening of the swiss market in 1998
Diplomed Electrical Engineer
March 1988 - May 1990
Bonnard & Gardel ingénieurs-conseils sa. Genève • Geneva • Switzerland
  • Responsible for the supervision of the electrical works in the new Dupont de Nemours laboratory in Satigny, GE
    Diplomed Electrical Engineer
Diplomed Electrical Engineer
March 1985 - February 1988
  • Responsible for the technical specifications for a gasturbine power plant in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia
  • Responsible for the technical specifications for a gasturbine power plant in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia
  • Responsible for the electrical tender for a sea water desalination plant in Rabigh, Saudi Arabia
Commissioning and Service Engineer
February 1982 - February 1984
BBC, BROWN BOVERI & COMPANY • Baden • Switzerland
  • Several missions in Saudi Arabia on gasturbine power plants:
  • Commissionning Engineer on the Ryadh 5 power plant (5 x 50MW)
  • Commissionning Engineer on the Ryadh 8 power plant (8 x 50MW)
  • Responsible for Customer staff training on the Ryadh 8 power plant
  • In situ responsible Engineer for the commissioning of the Bishah power plant (2 x 30 MW)
  • In situ Service Engineer for the Medinah power plant (2 x 30 MW)
Diplomed Electrical Engineer
August 1976 - July 1981
Geneva School of Engineering (Electricity) (Electrical Engineering Diploma ETS/HTL) • Geneva • Switzerland
Gai Savoir (Secondary school) (Baccalauréat A4 Philosophy - Litterature) • Geneva • Switzerland
  • Good stress tolerance
  • Teaching to Customers and Colleagues
  • Communication with Managers, Team members and Customers