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Marc Fiorbianco Onboarding Specialist
Ouvert(e) aux opportunités
  • I have strong experience with the Onboarding process for new clients as well as modifications with data input in the Avaloq system. It gives me a good combinaison of end to end process.
    Interested in new technologies and especially on blockchain, It could be an asset for my future.
KYC Advisor / Legacy Officer
Octobre 2021 - En cours
Banque Société Générale • Genève • Suisse
  • KYC Advisor
  • Periodic control of client's accounts (HighRisk and PEP).
    KYC overview and draft properly the history of the client ; Wealth, Revenus and source of found.
    KYT is the part of the KYC review, transfers controls with checks of counterparties.
    CDB, FATCA and Formulars requirements
  • Legacy Officer
  • Closing instructions management with equities or cash transfers.
    Contacts Clients by phone or by email in English, Spanish, Italien or French.
Client Onboarding
Mars 2018 - Août 2021
Edmond de Rothschild • Geneva • Suisse
  • Onboarding Officer
  • - Respect int/ext rules such as CDB20, LBA, OBA-FINMA for account's modifications during lifecycle of clients.
    - Modification on client's accounts in the Avaloq system.
    - FATCA/QI and CRS checks
    - Process creation and update
    - Collaboration with different stakeholders
    - Succession management
    - Mailbox management of the departement
Central file officer
Octobre 2016 - Février 2018
HSBC Private Bank • Geneva • Suisse
  • DOCO officer
  • Review account modification for private accounts, companies, trust and foundation.
  • Performing changes in the system Avaloq
  • Frequent interaction with Front Office, Compliance and Legal to understand, to perform and to applicate their needs.
  • Take the ownership and be involved in different projects
Septembre 2014 - Septembre 2016
Salad's n go • Geneva • Suisse
  • Self employment
  • After the sell of the Lloyds Bank, I've started a new activity with a Foodtruck. It was a good challenge to develop this business but there are too latency and it doesn't stimulate me anymore.
KYC Specialist
Novembre 2012 - Juillet 2014
Lloyds TSB Bank • Geneva • Suisse
  • Onboarding Officer
  • Performing Due diligence on new customers and KYC approval process, analysis of account and background structure, check of Bank documents
  • Presentation of new accounts to the Account Opening Committee
  • Advisory on account opening and modifications to the Front Office with respect of the CDB08, AML, Cross Border and Internal rules
  • Data check
  • Ensuring all work relating to client mandate files and data base maintenance is performed within set procedures based on internal and regulatory requirements.
  • Control of new banking forms
Central File Analyst
Avril 2012 - Septembre 2012
Hinduja Bank • Geneva
  • Central file officer
  • Control at the opening the legal documents and KYC regulation of new clients.
    Frequent contact with RM and assistant to regularise their accounts.
  • Training on how to open an account with new joiners.
  • Enrichment of client data in the system Olympic and Nematrax.
  • Signatures control of the client's instruction.
  • Scanning with the system GroupDoc and filing
Onboarding Specialist and Client Data Management
Septembre 2007 - Décembre 2011
Barclays Bank SA • Geneva
  • Onboarding Specialist since 01.09.2009
  • Assess new clients in respect of the AML / CDB08 / Cross Border / Sanctions and internal policies and Front Office guidance.
  • Review modifications during lifetime of accounts.
  • Review and monitor internal procedures and practices to provide compliance with group and regulatory requirements.
  • Monitoring deferrals once a document is missing.
  • Analyst for Client Data Management from 01.09.2007 to 01.09.2009
  • Enrichement of data client into the system Avaloq for new accounts and modifications.
  • Closing with fees calculation.
  • Intranet coordinator and designer to build a new website.
  • Weekly meetings with different departements to ensure their needs (3 months)
  • Creation and update of the intranet website with new forms and design.
  • Achievements
  • Issuing of training material of the Onboarding team and the Client Data Management team.
  • Training and coaching of the Client Data Managemement team.
Director's assistant
2006 - 2007
Association Genève Roule • Geneva
  • Accountant with Cresus system
  • Management and creation of bills of creditors
  • Emails administration
  • Creation and design of flyer for tourist
Taxer employee
2002 - 2003
Etat de Genève - Financial Departement • Geneva
  • Taxer for the real estate departement
  • Calculation and enrichment data of the taxpayer by following the law edicted through municipalities, districts and the country.
Temporary's jobs
2000 - 2006
Bank and administrative • Geneva
  • Different missions within banks
  • Account opening in accordance with an internal comitee.
    New client KYC checking as per Legal requirements.
    Mailing list creation for US Tax
    Control of shares and bonds by system « PIBS and SWIFT »
    Scanning and filing
  • Supervisor teacher in A à Z Formation, Computer school
  • Creation of tests for students
    Supervision and explanation
  • Director's assistant in International Labour Organisation (ILO)
  • Creation and management of the client data base with "Access"
    for International organisation, ambassadors and Director's relation.
Supervisor teacher
2000 - 2000
A à Z Formation, computer school • Geneva
  • Creation of tests for students
  • Supervision of students once teaching in their computer
  • Certificate issued to the students
  • French - Native
  • English - Intermediate
  • Spanish - 2nd Native
  • Italian - Basics