About CVwanted
About CVwanted
CVwanted is a platform that allows you to create and publish a Resume in web format, a Resume that acts like an interactive, dynamic and information-rich website, a Resume that showcases your skills and accomplishments, a Resume that is optimized for dissemination throughout the web.

Featuring a powerful and ergonomic editor, CVwanted is simple to learn and makes creating a Resume easy, all while maintaining a high level of customization through 27 web Resume designs, 10 PDF Resume designs, 84 colors to choose from, PDF and Word file integration, multimedia content integration (videos, images, documents, presentation, articles, web pages, blogs, etc.), thus giving you complete control over the edition management, access and visibility of your Resume. Our approach is simple: offer a new alternative to paper Word and PDF CVs, and make web CVs the workplace support of tomorrow between candidates, recruiters and professionals.

Our approach is simple: offering cutting-edge, ergonomic and efficient tools to facilitate and enhance collaboration between candidates, recruiters, and professionals.
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