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  • I am a computer vision and machine learning enthusiast who is passionate about cutting edge technology and solving real-world problems
PhD in Computer Science
January 2007 - May 2010
University of Copenhagen • Copenhagen • Denmark
  • Thesis title: "Variational Segmentation Problems using Prior Knowledge in Imaging and Vision"
  • Funded by EU Marie Curie FP6 Project VISIONTRAIN
M.Phil in Informatics
September 2002 - September 2004
University of Bergen • Bergen • Norway
  • Thesis title: "High-order Split-step Spectral Methods for Solving the Time-dependent Schroedinger Equation"
  • Funded by the Norwegian Government Scholarship Program
B.Sc in Computer Science
September 1995 - April 1999
Bina Nusantara University • Jakarta • Indonesia
  • Thesis title: "The Application of Principal
    Component Analysis and Neural Network to face recognition systems"
  • Funded by Bina Nusantara Scholarship Program
B.Sc in Mathematics
August 1994 - October 1999
Open Learning University • Jakarta • Indonesia