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  • An approachable administrator and field interviewer with over three years of experience in data collection and data entry for the National Institute of Statistics and Public Administration in Italy. Accuracy and consistency were central to this position. An eager multilingual learner who has a proven record of working unsupervised for long periods, now looking to commit in services to clients roles.
  • Very good interpersonal skills and the ability to interact with individuals from a wide variety of social, cultural and educational backgrounds.
  • Organisational, planning and verified time management skills.
  • Fluent in English, native Italian, advanced French, improving Portuguese.
  • Accountable and collaborative team player who is able to follow and give instructions and info.
  • Ability to work under pressure and tight deadlines.
  • Non-judgemental attitude and standards-driven level of privacy.
  • IT skills proficient: Word, Excel, Windows, online platforms to manage statistical databases.
  • Trained and supervised up to four people in a multiplex cinema.
  • Volunteered within a youth information office to set up a stable service.
Plurima • Cesena • Italia
  • Boxed medical records and folders in cardboard boxes for off-site storage.
  • Lifted and moved the boxed documents on wooden pallets and emptied the archives exceeding agreed targets.
August 2013 - May 2014
Schorman contract cleaning • Dublin • Ireland
  • Cleaned and changed bin bags, sweeped and mopped stairs in Saint Michael's college.
  • Dealt with any daily issue and change related to the College calendar and my team's schedule.
Data Collector, Census field interviewer
October 2012 - January 2013
Census office, Chamber of Commerce • Forlì • Italia
  • Completed over 400 digital questionnaires for the Census of companies and not-for-profit.
  • Informed and interviewed the respondents to gather the most relevant answers in person, on the phone and online.
  • Acquired comprehensive personal data for statistical purposes on specific web-based frameworks.
  • Searched and updated information about all respondents using a wide range of available sources online, on the phone and at their homes.
Census office, Forlì, Cervia and Cesena city councils - Unicab • Italia
  • Welcomed and interviewed the public at the office, collection centres and door-to-door for the Census of the population and filed completed paper questionnaires on Excel spreadsheets.
  • Contacted, informed and attended the respondents to correct any error or misunderstanding and ensure the most relevant questions were answered on time.
  • Reported daily to my supervisors to get feedback and liaised with them and the field interviewers to deal with delays during delivery and collection of the questionnaires.
  • Collected information, often from local residents, to verify that all the street numbers were corresponding exactly to the buildings in the correct order, using 3D topographic maps. Reported any discrepancy and peculiarity found on the field.
  • Interviewed over 300 sample families in their homes for "Discriminations" and "EuSilc" ("European Union Survey on incomes and living conditions") surveys.
  • Managed data using an interview-specific programme, a broadband connection and a laptop.
  • Planned strategies to inform the respondents about the surveys and encouraged them to answer.
UGC and Cooperativa La Vela • Savignano a mare and Cesenatico • Italia
  • Trained and supervised new staff in the catering and store areas.
  • Informed and assisted the general public to ensure an enjoyable stay inside the cinema.
  • Carried out cash and card operations at the till, kept the cinema screening areas clean and tidy and maintained the stock control at the store.
  • Planned and implemented activities to meet work and education issues of young and unemployed.
  • Gathered info and leaflets to create an online database available to all the clients and helped them to find relevant info online.
Atlantic Language in Galway (IE) and The Language Institute in Edinburgh (UK).
  • A basic Greek language course taught in English and an internship as a part-time animator in a kindergarten were the main activities.
University of Bologna • Italia
  • Italian
  • English
  • French
  • Portuguese
  • Expert swimmer, with a past of amateur and competitive swimming, waterpolo and middle distance competitions at sea.
  • To go sailing and fishing with my father in the Adriatic Sea, whenever it's possible, is the most enjoyable pastime
Additional info
  • Jobnet Programme - (Jobcare, 28a Pearse Street, Dublin 2).
    The programme empowers jobseekers to market their skills and learn to network effectively to find employment.
  • Preparation for Work – Jobseekers course (Jobcare, 28a Pearse Street, Dublin 2).
  • EPIC – Employment for People from Immigrant Communities (Business in the Community Ireland 32 Lower O'Connell Street, Dublin 1).
References are available on request